Drop Sets to Break Fat Loss Plateau

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I have been training with weights since High School and have tried many methods.  I have found noticeable muscle growth after discovering and using drop sets for hypertrophy.  A drop set is when you train with your heaviest weight to failure and then lower the weights so you can continuing doing more reps to failure.

By using this method you are recruiting more muscle fibers.  When you have to lift something very heavy or need a big burst of energy it recruits your fast twitch muscle fibers.  When you lift light and more high reps it recruits slow twitch muscle fibers.  Training both will maximize the overall size of the muscle.

I generally stick between 4-8 reps with the heaviest set and drop the weight between 20-40%.  After lowering the weight, do as many reps as it takes to get to get to failure.  Do not rest more than 30 seconds.  The rest between each set should just be to setup or grab the next set of weights.  Try to have your weights already set up so you can switch out quickly.

This method will definitely help break your fat loss plateau as it has been proven that more muscle increases your metabolism which will burn more fat.  I highly recommend trying this for a few weeks taking before and after pictures to notice your results.

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