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Ben Lam

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I have been struggling with weight and health most of

my life.  As you can see, I love to eat and drink… a lot!

Like many of you I was enjoying the finer things in life

and forgot about my health and well being.  My high school

weight was 135 pounds and when I got into college I

starting drinking and eating out a lot because

that is what college kids love to party.

I gradually blew up to 210 pounds at my heaviest.

I did a lot of research on the internet, bodybuilding

websites, forums and tried many different diets.

I first started 5-6 small meals (less than 300 calorie

meals) a day diet and worked out every other

day at the gym. A lot of these meals would

be half a tuna sandwich, small soups, or salads.

I did lose weight, but eventually hit

a plateau after 30 pounds.


Being frustrated about not making any

improvements in over a few months I

somehow let myself go again.

When I finally found the motivation

to get back in shape I did more research on

the internet again and also tried P90X.

I did a very low carb diet and started to lose

weight very fast.  Less than 3 months I went

down to 170 pounds, but had some pain in my

legs so I decided to stop doing P90X because

there was a lot of high impact movements that

involved jumping and running which

may have been causing it.

After many years of research and trial

and error I have found many tips and

biohacks that have helped me achieve

the body and health I am  happy about which

I will share to you on this website.

These days I do a low carb diet, but with carb cycling

on weekends.  When I am cutting I also use

intermittent fasting as a tool to help me

limit to amount of calories I intake. Certain

foods and supplements helped me the most.

I currently jump between 150 to 170

cutting and bulking.  

This is the beginning of summer 2017.

Weighing in at 155 pounds.

Ben Flexing

This is the end  of summer 2017.  I weighed in at 148 pounds, the lowest I ever been since high school.  I will continuing to cut into November and then start my winter bulk.

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